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We provide FREE hosting for our clients*, who ordered web design/development services from us. If you get your website designed by IUHU, you get ALL-IN-ONE package: the design itself + FREE hosting and FREE domain. If you are not a client of Elune Art, you can still get hosting services for $7/month.

What you get and why you should?


  • You get 200Mb disc space and 10 Gb data transfer.
  • You get stable and reliable hosting for FREE* without having to look for other companies that will host your website, after the design work is done.
  • Free 1-year domain registration - Elune Art will help you register your domain name*
  • 24/7 technical support, your website will be working flawlessly.
  • We support CMS ( Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco, Movable Type and more), forums (Vbulletin, PHPBB, Invision Board and more), all kinds of blogs, html and php websites.
  • Ordering a website with Elune Art and getting a FREE hosting will save you up to $150
  • Ordering a website with us and getting a FREE hosting will also save you time for setting your site up and making it work - our experts will take care of that.

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