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Whether you already have your own online community or you need to get a forum for your site, Elune Art will make your forum look outstanding by creating a unique skin for it, based on your preferences. Whether it's a business forum, gaming community, a fan site, we'll create a special template for it, with all the necessary graphics, icon and button packages; install the template on your server and integrate all the necessary addons. If you want to add a forum to your existing site, we can customize the forum according to your site's look.

Our company can provide premium-quality custom made forum designs, created by our experienced designers. We guarantee you high-quality services, free quotes and free forum - related advice. Our prices are affordable and we try to do our best to meet the needs of our every client. Every forum page is provided with a custom design along with the customized icons and graphics. No matter what kind of web forum design you need, we'll try to provide you with individual solutions for any type of forum software. We can always give you advice on how to improve your forum look, come up with a better solutions on the functionality of your forum, and make your online presence more important.

There are different types of forum software - VBulletin, PhpBB, Simple Machines , Invisionboard, and more. Whatever forum you have, we'll be glad to help you make it look great!

How does the process go?


  • Communicating with a client, understanding the client's goals, audience and preferences. Each client receives our questionnaire to fill out, which will keep all the details of the project documented.
  • Planning the content and structure of the web site, establishing timelines and development solutions.
  • Creating the interface, showing it to the client, if necessary, revising it.
  • Coding the interface, showing the coded site to the client, if necessary, revising it.
  • Site goes live

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