Custom CMS Developement

A CMS solution depends on the nature of your website, the services offered, the functionality needed. Although there are many ready-made CMS solutions, sometimes your site requires features, which none of the existing CMS can provide as a package, or you have very specific requirements toward the site's functionality and organization.

We can provide you with advice on choosing the right CMS or we can create a completely custom CMS specifically for you. Our custom CMS solutions will let you manage, update, publish your website's content exactly the way you want, so that both you, as the site's owner and your visitors will have a quick and easy interactive experience while exploring your site. You will be able to edit, add and delete pages, manage your users, control their comments, add media to your site, and perform any other actions, which will be provided by our custom-made interface. We can create plugins and addons to your site according to your individual needs. If needed, we also provide easy basic tutorials on how to use your custom CMS.

IUHU can create SEO-optimized, easy-to-use web interfaces, which are flexible for further development. Our custom CMS solutions will help you manage your sites in an easier and faster way, without any third-party help.

How does the process go?


  • Communicating with a client, understanding the client's goals, audience and preferences. Each client receives our questionnaire to fill out, which will keep all the details of the project documented.
  • Planning the structure of the custom CMS, establishing timelines and development solutions.
  • Designing the layout, custom programming and creating CMS.
  • Testing the CMS functionality, making sure everything works perfectly.
  • Installing the necessary plugins and addons
  • SEO optimizing the CMS
  • Showing the functional site to the client. Site is ready to go live.

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